Shanghai | China


Having been involved in international trade since 1992 after graduating from Shanghai JiaoTong University, one of the top universities in China, I was so lucky and honoured to have met Helen Westmoreland and then to have joined Giftpoint Shanghai in 2005 when it was initially founded.  I love working with the amazing team here in Shanghai and I love the gorgeous UK team too.


I need to make lots of decisions every day and each day is busy and challenging.  I am always excited to see to a rough drawing or project outline from the client grow into actual samples and then into actual products through our efforts.


This great feeling of accomplishment gives me the energy and passion to work enthusiastically and continuously! I love this big family!



I joined Giftpoint Shanghai in August 2005 and am responsible for the management of the QC systems, monitoring of mass production and following the complete production process from start to finish.  I work to ensure that all the goods are completed on time and to the approved quality in order to deliver the client a perfect completed product.  I have a nickname in the office ‘the fire extinguisher’, because I am the one that sorts out any kind of issues with our factories!  Sometimes it is a very difficult job but I really enjoy knowing I will face a challenge every day!  Over the years, I have gained a wealth of experience thanks to Giftpoint!



I have been involved in exporting gifts, housewares and holiday products in a trading company since graduating from University.  I joined Giftpoint Shanghai in 2008 and am very excited to be dealing with so many international top brands via Giftpoint UK and am very honoured to be part of the team.  Let me live every day full of excitement and challenge…



After graduating from University and a short experience in the household gift industry, I was so lucky to grasp the opportunity to join Giftpoint Shanghai in 2012.  Giftpoint has introduced me to the professional international marketplace and though sometimes work fatigue is inevitable, I always believe and remind myself that every challenge I face offers me a chance to be a better and more mature ‘Rachel Yuan’.  Over the years, Giftpoint has seen me go from strength to strength… and I simply love being part of the team.



I had been involved in foreign trade for 3 years prior to joining Giftpoint in 2013 and I have now gained a valuable insight into the world of promotional merchandise.  My role is to help the Giftpoint UK team source the correct products for their clients and I work very closely with them.  I enjoy learning more and more every day and being part of a great team.



I joined Giftpoint Shanghai in 2008 and am responsible for all the shipments out of China to their final destination.  I am really happy that I made the decision of joining such an amazing team.  We work together, help and learn from each other like siblings in a family.  I love my job and my colleagues so much!



After graduating I worked as a sales representative at a factory for 2 years and after moving to Shanghai I luckily became a member of Giftpoint.  All the staff here are very kind and friendly and it is really great to see so many different kinds of amazing products every day.  I am an optimistic and independent person and it is great to work within this excellent team who enable me to learn more and improve myself.  A happy family, close friends, wonderful travel and delicious food are my favourite things…