On Point

NetApp Insight, Barcelona 2018

Giftpoint’s dedicated Netapp account management team are back on terra firma after lending support at NetApp Insight in Barcelona this month.

Sophy’s Choice – London to Brighton on Bike!

There are those who can and there are those that do! We catch up with Giftpoint’s Senior Sales Director, Sophy Smith, as she completes the London to Brighton Bike Ride…

Can we source it? Yes we can

It’s always seemed such an impossibly boring word for such a fascinating area of our business. Procurement – the art of finding, agreeing terms and acquiring goods, services or works…

Christmas Gift Inspiration

Christmas is the perfect time to show your customers and clients just how much you value their business. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you…

The Power of Branded Merchandise

Stand still long enough in the open-planned offices of Giftpoint HQ and you might get emblazoned with a logo or embossed with a household brand mark.

Promotional Diaries and Calendars

Consider how powerful it would be to have your product or brand name living in a near-permanent state in the homes, offices, pockets and handbags of your audience?

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